Act of kindness can go a long way

Posted on May 8, 2012 in Articles

Every now and then we hear about acts of kindness on the news or in the papers.

A common occurrence involves a sum of money found and turned over to the police to be claimed by the owner. This is a big deal, and it’s great when it happens.

However, the little things that go unreported also can make someone’s day.

It’s amazing when a person walks into Starbucks and places their order, only to find out that their selection(s) already have been paid for.

How awesome is that?

How about when a snowstorm hits during the dead of winter? You leave early for work and aren’t able to plow or shovel. You put in a hard day’s work and dread what awaits when you return home, only to discover it’s all been done for you.

Nothing beats that feeling, either.

What about when you’re experiencing a tough stretch, but you receive a card in the mail that lifts your spirits? How did that person know you needed a boost and when to send it?

These are just a few random acts of kindness that cost so little but make people feel so good.

In this day and age of fierce competition in sports, where winning is the only thing, how would an act of kindness look?

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