Expert: Stigma Often Keeps Depression ‘Hidden’

Posted on December 2, 2011 in Articles

The stigma attached to depression can lead many people to stay quiet, and many times the symptoms of depression aren’t immediately apparent – which can keep people from seeking the help they need.

Professional counselor Yvonne Thibault, who is helping FOX 4 staff cope with the suicide of meteorologist Don Harman, says that many times people hide their symptoms from others, and often time the stigma of treatment can keep others from getting help.

“To some degree we all hide, when we go into work, what we choose to share with the people we work with is not necessarily our private life,” said Thibault.

While some people at FOX 4 knew about Harman’s battle with depression, many viewers never knew it because of his ability to make people laugh. Harman’s family has given FOX 4 the go-ahead to discuss his battle with depression in hopes that it helps someone else who is struggling with the disease.

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