Understanding suicide complex, confusing task

Posted on January 6, 2012 in Articles

Understanding a suicide is a complex and confusing task, most always driven  by a strong desire to rationalize the death in some way, experts say.

Too often, society is quick to judge, tossing it off as a selfish act, but  many people don’t understand the deep suffering that someone who has committed  suicide has endured, said Laura Larson-Huffaker, executive director of EMPACT, a  suicide prevention center in Tempe.

The apparent suicides of Bill and Susan Heywood are made even more tragic in  that they died together, she said, adding, “They may have felt there was no way  out.” Deciding to abandon a suicide plan may have been complicated because it  involved an action as a couple. “Two people who are talking about an idea tend  to move forward, to support each other. Perhaps neither could see a different  way out. It’s like tunnel vision.”

When the pain becomes so big, you stop seeing options, Larson-Huffaker  said.

Sandra Howlett, a bereavement specialist for Hansen Mortuary, said suicide  almost never makes sense to those left behind.

“It is the last act of a desperate person,” she said. “It isn’t that they  want to die, they just want out of the pain.”

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