Friends of Emmet

Posted on May 24, 2011 in Blog

Friends of Emmet

Friends of EmmetIreland is a special place and when it comes to producing musical talent, Ireland doesn’t disappoint. After all, we have been graced with bands like U2, Van Morrison and the Cranberries from the land of saints and scholars. Following in their footsteps, yet defining their own path and art, is Friends of Emmet. FoE was formed in 2008 and released their debut album, Coming Apart, in 2010. The title track to this gem of an album was written as a tribute to Kevin Hines (see previous News entry to learn more about Kevin). The band’s lead singer, Mark Leddy, discusses the inspiration behind this tribute piece in an interview with Lauren Novik of

“It’s pretty incredible really- the power of music. What really inspired me about that story was Kevin Hines- I saw him one night and ‘The Bridge’ came on the television and the story really struck me as one of hope. So we found out a bit more about him- and what he’d been doing since, the positive good work he’s been doing across the nation speaking on behalf of suicide prevention- giving people hope who are in that situation. So that inspired the lyrics to the song- which is about his day, the day he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. So we sent the song to him and he loved it, and we struck up a friendship with him. It’s pretty incredible really- the power of music.”

The band consists of Mark Leddy (vocals), Bryan Lynam (guitar), Keith Geraghty (bass), Gary Sullivan (drums) and Paul Dempsey (keyboards). For more information on the band, we welcome you to visit their website at and hope you’ll take a minute to watch the video of Coming Apart below. The video features Kevin Hines and tells his story perfectly.

If you’re in Arizona and would like to see Mark Leddy perform songs from Coming Apart, including the title track, he will be performing at Comerica Theatre on April 9th, 2011.

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