Profile: Kevin Hines

Posted on May 24, 2011 in Blog

Profile: Kevin Hines

Kevin HinesIn 2000, Kevin Hines took a bus to the Golden Gate bridge with the intention of ending his life. He recalls crying the entire way there, with no one stopping to ask if he was okay. When he got to the bridge, he picked his spot, making sure to stay away from the pillar so that he would not hit it on the way down. Mr. Hines recalls standing on the bridge for about 40 minutes at which time a tourist asked him to take her picture, despite his tears and apparent suffering. This was his sign that no one cared. He jumped off of the 220 foot high span. “The second my hands left the railing, I said I don’t want to die.”

Kevin survived his fall, unlike the majority of those who had chosen this same action over the years. He suffered extensive injuries and endured long instances of physical therapy to recover.

Mr. Hines now spends his time traveling the country, advocating for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. He goes to great lengths in order to share his story with the world. He has become a professional speaker, telling his story at various conferences, schools and anywhere he is asked to speak. He is also a winner of the 2009 Voice Awards, honoring those who make a difference for mental health.

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